June 27, 2022, 5 PM PST. Applications must be submitted to the LPB 2022 Funding Cycle online application process, please click here.

Content Priorities

The LPB Current Issues Fund (CIF) provides production and post-production funding to documentary films from the Latino American perspective (60 or 90 minutes only) that explore contemporary civic and social justice issues, incorporate a journalistic approach into the filmmaking process, and have resonance for a U.S. national audience.

Journalistic practice must be integral to the project, with commitment to fairness, objectivity and accuracy. Journalistic practice is broadly defined and may include, but is not limited to extensive research, accessing public records and data, public accountability or investigative approach, transparency of sources, and a reliance on facts.

LPB is looking for stories that explore timely issues, demonstrate artistic storytelling and have potential to engage communities in civic discourse beyond the broadcast.

LPB will accept applications for production and post-production funding; R&D applications are not accepted for the CIF. Funding requests may range from $40,000 up to $100,000. Applicants are not eligible to submit applications for additional funds from the Public Media Content Fund.


Applicant Eligibility

  • Applicant must be Latino/a, director and/or producer
  • Applicant must retain the copyright, artistic, budgetary and editorial control over the proposed project
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age, be citizens or legal residents of the United States or its territories, and have previous film or television experience demonstrated by detailed personnel bios or resumes
  • Only one application for a project may be submitted per review period and the applicant may not make submissions for any additional projects.
  • Projects submitted must be 60 min or 90 min in length; shorter formats are not accepted.
  • Applicants applying to the CIF are not eligible to apply to the PMCF with the same or different project.
  • First time full-length media maker applicants must have been producing other short format productions for at least three years.
  • Applicants must agree to create only one version of the documentary. (A re-edited version of the LPB funded program cannot be re-packaged for another television/broadcast network).
  • Applicants must be prepared to submit a 5-minute video sample of the current work, if selected for the final phase of review.
  • Applicants must meet all other mandatory terms and conditions outlined in the LPB production agreement.


About Us
Latino Public Broadcasting is the leader of the development, production, acquisition and distribution of non-commercial educational and cultural media that is representative of Latino people, or addresses issues of particular interest to Latino Americans. These programs are produced for dissemination to the public broadcasting stations and other public telecommunication entities. LPB provides a voice to the diverse Latino community on public media throughout the United States.
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