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Children of the Amazon
Producer: Denise Zmekhol
Grade: 5-12

Children of the Amazon invites you to see through the eyes of these inspiring, remarkably resilient people whose lives are transformed by a road carved through their forest home by an outside world. From Chief Amir Surui’s embattled efforts to stop illegal loggers to the assassination of legendary rubber tapper Chico Mendes, this poetic and visually stunning film engages our senses and sympathies as global issues take on a profound human perspective.

Changes to the People and Culture
This lesson helps students to understand how consumption of goods and materials affects the natural world; exploring the difference between things that we want and things that we need.
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A Rubber Tapping Invasion
This lesson helps students to explore the concept of sustainability and conflict by exploring causes and solutions.
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A History of Colonization
This lesson helps students to understand how and why places change and to think about rights and responsibilities of decision makers.
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Contact, Disease, and Change
This lesson helps students to understand disease and immunization and dealing with loss.
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Settlement and Deforestation
This lesson helps students to understand how and why places change. And how to explore different viewpoints and interests and searching for solutions
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Life in the Amazon Today
This lesson helps students to understand how understanding how and why places change and how to explore current issues and thinking about our roles, rights and responsibilities as citizens.
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Trading Bows and Arrows for Laptops
This videos helps students understand the links between rain forests and climate change; mapping and comparing different locations; exploring the needs of economic development and how this impacts on the natural environment.
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