• Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

    April 15, 2019

    Marcos Doesn't Live Here Anymore examines the national issue of immigration with the help of two unforgettable protagonists, demonstrating the human cost of deportation.

  • Personal Statement

    October 23, 2018

    PERSONAL STATEMENT is a character-driven, feature-length documentary film about three high school seniors struggling to get themselves and their classmates to college.

  • Voices of the Sea

    A young mother of four yearns to escape the unending hardships of a remote Cuban fishing village in search of a false and potentially fatal American Dream.

  • Home Truth

    Home Truth is about domestic violence survivor and human rights activist Jessica Lenahan, who, after her three daughters are abducted and killed in violation of a restraining order, embarks upon a journey to reclaim her voice and create change.

  • 306 Hollywood

    Summer 2019

    306 Hollywood is a magical realist documentary of two siblings who undertake an archaeological excavation of their late grandmother’s house. They embark on a journey from her home in New Jersey to ancient Rome, from fashion to physics, in search of what life remains in the objects we leave behind.

  • John Leguizamo’s Road to Broadway

    November 16, 2018

    John Leguizamo’s Road to Broadway follows the always provocative Leguizamo as he prepares for his most challenging theatrical quest yet – cramming 3,000 years of Latino history into 90 minutes of stage time for his one man show. With extraordinary access to his creative process, the film traces the evolution of his latest success, Tony-nominated play Latin History for Morons, from its challenging premise through its triumphant debut

  • About Us
    Latino Public Broadcasting is the leader of the development, production, acquisition and distribution of non-commercial educational and cultural media that is representative of Latino people, or addresses issues of particular interest to Latino Americans. These programs are produced for dissemination to the public broadcasting stations and other public telecommunication entities. LPB provides a voice to the diverse Latino community on public media throughout the United States.
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