Get Your Project on PBS - Pitch Session at the San Diego Latino Film Festival

Thinking about submitting your proposal to LPB’s Public Content Media Fund, partnering with local PBS station or want feedback from funders and filmmakers? Come and pitch your idea to us! Screen a trailer and get feedback before submitting it anywhere.

At the San Diego Latino Film Festival Saturday, March 16th, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

If you have a project you feel is suitable for PBS, you should not miss the opportunity to have a personal 10-minute pitching session with:

Luis Ortiz, Managing Director, Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB)
María Agui Carter, LPB funded Producer/Director of Rebel
Monica Medina,  Director – Diversity, Engagement and Grants, KPBS


In order to take advantage of this opportunity, please email Lisa Franek at Signups are still open!

Check out the following screenings of LPB funded films:

Director. Bill Yahraus
Producer: Robin Rosenthal
Documentary/60 minutes
Saturday, March 9th at 3:00 pm
Tuesday, March 12th at 6:30 pm

Las Azaleas are the gutsy team of women rodeo riders vying to represent the U.S. at the National Charro Championships in Mexico, where “to be Charro is to be Mexican.” Escaramuza, or skirmish, describes both their daredevil horseback ballets, ridden sidesaddle at top speed, and the intensity of their competition season. Neither life-altering challenges at home nor cartel violence across the border can keep Las Azaleas from their goal.

Director: Maria Teresa Rodriguez
Documentary/60 minutes
Wednesday, March 13th at 5:30 pm

This harrowing documentary, tells the story of the search for hundreds of children who disappeared during the Salvadoran Civil War. Many were survivors of massacres carried out by the U.S.-trained Salvadoran army. Taken away from the massacre sites by soldiers, some grew up in orphanages or were adopted abroad, losing their history and identity. “Niños de la Memoria” weaves together three separate yet intertwined journeys in the search for family, identity and justice in El Salvador, and asks the larger question: How can a post-war society right the wrongs of the past?

Director: María Agui Carter
Producer: Calvin Lindsay Jr.
Documentary/75 minutes
Saturday, March 16th at 5:30 pm
REBEL is the story of Loreta Velazquez, Confederate soldier turned Union spy. She was dismissed as a hoax for a hundred and fifty years, but new evidence shows Loretta, a Cuban immigrant from New Orleans, was one of an estimated 1000 secret women soldiers of the American Civil War. Deftly weaving lush dramatized scenes of Loreta’s riveting tale, vivid storytellers, archival material, and animation, this is a film about a woman, a myth and the politics of national memory. Who was Loreta Velazquez? Why did she fight? And what made her so dangerous she was erased from history?

REBEL is a co-production of Iguana Films, L.L.C. and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), in association with WPBT2/Miami and Latino Public Broadcasting with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

For more information about the San Diego Latino Film Festival and for a complete schedule, please visit:


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