LPB Funded Films Screening at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

16th Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival Screens LPB FUNDED FILMS

LPB is proud to announce the official selection of THE GRADUATES/LOS GRADUADOSREBEL, and JUSTICE FOR MY SISTER at the 16th Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. THE GRADUATES/LOS GRADUADOS will screen as part of LALIFF’s Youth Program; a program that was created with the goal of promoting literacy, higher education and cultural harmony.

The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival is a five-day cinematic and social adventure held in the heart of Hollywood. The festivities begin Thursday the 10th of October with the premiere presentation of an award-winning film, followed by a gala where attendees can feast and celebrate in a joyous ambiance. Beginning the next day the Festival is in full force, presenting its collection of features, documentaries, and shorts, as well as workshops, panels and lectures. The public here has the special opportunity to interact with filmmakers in Q&A sessions following each screening. The audience is not only Latino, but multicultural, including many celebrities and industry professionals.To purchase tickets, please click here. For more information on the festival please visit: www.latinofilm.orgCome out and celebrate this joyous event by viewing these LPB funded films!

Series Director/Executive Producer: Bernardo Ruiz
Producers: Pamela Aguilar and Katia Maguire
Genre: Documentary
Length: 2 Episodes/60 Minutes

THE GRADUATES/LOS GRADUADOS explores pressing issues in education today through the eyes of six Latino and Latina students from across the United States. More than a survey of contemporary policy debates, the bilingual, two-part film offers first-hand perspectives on key challenges facing Latino high school students and their families, educators, and community leaders. It is the story of the graduates who will make up America’s future.

Each episode of The Graduates profiles three students who were in danger of dropping out of high school. The first hour of the series tells the stories of three young women who, through a combination of educational and community resources, as well as supportive families, are able to surmount the obstacles that might have prevented them from completing their education. In the second hour, we meet three young men who have struggled with challenges such as immigration status, brushes with the law, and bullying. With a combination of community and family support, each student is able to find a program that helps him to remain in school, further his education, and get involved in his community.

For more information on THE GRADUATES/LOS GRADUADOS, please visit:http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/graduates/film.html.


Writer/Producer/Director: María Agui Carter
Producer: Calvin Lindsay Jr.
Documentary/75 minutes
Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 3:10 pm (Theatre 1)

REBEL is the story of Loreta Velazquez, Confederate soldier turned Union spy. She was dismissed as a hoax for a hundred and fifty years, but new evidence shows Loretta, a Cuban immigrant from New Orleans, was one of an estimated 1000 secret women soldiers of the American Civil War. Deftly weaving lush dramatized scenes of Loreta’s riveting tale, vivid storytellers, archival material, and animation, this is a film about a woman, a myth and the politics of national memory. Who was Loreta Velazquez? Why did she fight? And what made her so dangerous she was erased from history?

REBEL is a co-production of Iguana Films, L.L.C. and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), in association with WPBT2/Miami and Latino Public Broadcasting with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

For more information on REBEL, please visit http://www.iguanafilms.com/.

Producer/Director: Kimberly Bautista
Documentary/70 Minutes
Sunday, October 13, 2013 at 2:30 pm (Theatre 4)

Adela, 27, left home for work one day and never returned. Her ex-boyfriend brutally murdered her. Her story is all too familiar in Guatemala, where nearly 6000 women have been murdered in the last decade; only 2% of the killers were sentenced. Determined to bring Adela’s killer to justice, her sister Rebeca, 34, takes on Guatemala’s notoriously corrupt legal system. Completely transformed by her two-year-long fight, Rebeca emerges as a feminist leader in her rural community with a message for others: justice is possible.

For more information on JUSTICE FOR MY SISTER, please visit http://www.justiceformysister.com/.


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