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Como Amar/How to love
Director: Amie Williams
Genre: New Media
Program Length: 6 Webisodes

Follow the Los Angeles GlobalGirl Media reporters in this six-part webisode series as they explore local issues that relate to girls; reproductive rights and health.

Episode One: Body Image
GlobalGirls Yasmeen Abdullah and Imani Crenshaw explore the relationship between media representations of the female body and their experiences as teenagers in Los Angeles. Interviewing feminist scholars and academics, Abdullah and Crenshaw highlight the ways dominant culture promotes competition between women and hatred of one’s own body.

Episode Two: Fake Clinics
GlobalGirl Edith Romero reports on abortion clinics and Crisis Prevention Centers, or “fake clinics,” and asks the central question: are young women really given the right to choose, or are they actually being encouraged to continue with their pregnancies? Romero traces the disproportionate impact fake clinics have in lower-income communities, and outlines steps to distinguish fake clinics from neutral abortion clinics.

Episode Three: Human Trafficking
GlobalGirl Ariana Seymore reports the prominence and growth of sex trafficking in California. She interviews two sex-trafficking victims, as well as experts at trafficking rehabilitation centers, bringing to light the causes and consequences of this illegal practice.

Episode Four: Rape Culture
GlobalGirl Andrea Reyes looks into the rise of rape culture in America, a term she defines as the glorification of violence against women. Reyes interviews university professors and feminist advocates, who consider the ways rape culture de-stigmatizes and promotes sexual assaults on women, often by men they know well.

Episode Five: Health Education
GlobalGirl Wendy Garcia reports on sex education classes within the Los Angeles Unified School District. In interviewing the director of the LAUSD HIV/AIDS prevention unit, Garcia discovers that crime, obesity, teen pregnancy, self-mutilation and STD infection rates all increase without health education.

Episode Six: Teen Pregnancy
The Global Girls profile Alexis Lopez, the 14-year-old mother of a 1-year-old girl. The Girls describe the social impacts of a teen pregnancy, including the fact that an astounding 41% of Latinas drop out of high school in Los Angeles due to pregnancy.

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