Digital Media
Facing North
Producer/Director: Andrew Bracken
Genre: Digital Media
Program Length: 14 Short Episodes
Premiere Date: September 22, 2017 on PBS and

Facing North is a documentary series exploring the multidimensional dynamics between the United States-Mexico relationship through the lens of the San Diego-Tijuana border region. Featuring a variety of subjects, from academics to migrants, activists to entrepreneurs, Facing North aims to raise questions about our assumptions and understandings about Mexico and our perceptions of it.

Composed of short, bitesized videos, the series examines the unique and complex relationship between the neighboring cities of San Diego and Tijuana. In some ways, the two cities create a single region encompassing one of the largest border areas in the world. In other ways, however, they are harshly divided communities in spite of their proximity. Facing North tries to shine a light on at least some of the misunderstood and overlooked aspects of this complex and deep relationship between the cities, and more broadly, the two countries.

The relationship between Mexico and the United States is rife with misconceptions and assumptions. The relationship is unique and complex, and one that is clouded with oversimplification on both sides of the ideological divide. Because of that, the subject demands further exploration and attention.

Facing North seeks to ask questions about our assumptions and understanding of that relationship through the lens of two of the largest border cities in the world. The series does not intend to provide answers as much as to open minds to explore issues raised in the series, and to impress upon the viewer how deep and rich the relationship between the two countries are. Though the two cities of San Diego and Tijuana have vastly different relationships with the border they share, in many respects, both are Facing North. The series is targeted towards a general audience.

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