Digital Media
Street Knowledge 2 College
Producer: Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
Genre: New Media
Program Length: 15 episodes / 3-5 minutes
Premiere Date: November 12, 2013

SK2C explores the lives of students and families at a unique, community-organized school in South Los Angeles. Run by the Youth Justice Coalition, FREE L.A. High School works to get youth off the school-to-jail track and engaged in community leadership – transforming their own lives and those of others.

This original 15-part web series was conceived and produced collaboratively with youth from the FREE L.A. High School community.

Educate To Liberate
Tanisha Denard was jailed on truancy charges and pushed out of her public high school. She worked to finish her diploma at FREE L.A. and now she is a school leader and mentor.

The Evolution Of Brandy Brown
Brandy Brown’s life changed when she returned to high school at FREE L.A. after dropping out. Now she’s jumping into civic life and community organizing, with her first-ever trip to the California State Assembly.

Each One, Teach One
Chrystal Dixon, a former high school drop-out and single mom, introduces potential new students to FREE L.A. High School’s unique programs.

South of the Ten
SK2C co-producer and co-director Claudia Gómez shares what South Los Angeles life is like through her own eyes.

With Her Own Eyes
Leslie, a former high school drop-out, explores her world through art, photography, and activism.

A Conversation With Cris Carter
FREE L.A. High School student Cris Carter had been cycling in and out of school and correctional facilities for a couple of years before enrolling in FREE L.A. High School. He was shot and killed about a month after talking to SK2C co-producer Claudia Gómez in this interview.

The Peace Builder
In a neighborhood where violence is a sad fact of every day life, Jose Solis, a former high school drop-out, helps keep the peace.

Henry’s Suit
Henry is a former high school drop-out who got his diploma and started working as a community organizer and peace-keeper. Claudia Gómez takes her video camera to follow Henry from South Los Angeles to downtown for his last day of work as an intern in City Hall.

Come Talk to Ms. Brown
Elaine Brown is a parent who knows what is like to lose a child. When a FREE L.A. High student is shot and killed, Ms. Brown steps in to help.

Two Extra Seconds
Jennifer Rivera has been a drop-out and has been homeless. Now she’s worked her way through Free L.A. High School to get her diploma. She’s reaching for a better life — by busting just a little extra effort.

The Teacher
Mr. Martin is a math teacher with high standards. He shares why he loves teaching, and what he has learned by working with the students at FREE L.A. High School.

Fears and Hopes
FREE L.A. High School students share what scares them most, and what gives them the most hope.

The FREE L.A. High School community copes with the violent death of a student, an all too frequent occurrence.

Chrystal’s Voice
Chrystal, a former high school drop-out, discovers the power of her community and her own voice.

Making Films In Your Own Community
SK2C co-producer and co-director Claudia Gomez shares what she has learned about her community and herself through documentary filmmaking.

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