Evangeline Griego talks about the making of GOD WILLING on Interfaith Radio today!

Producer/Director Evangeline Griego talks about her compelling and poignant film GOD WILLING on Interfaith Radio, a national show that airs on over 70 public radio stations nationwide. Her nephew Daniel Garcia, who was a member of a nomadic Christian cult called “The Bretheren,” was also interviewed and shares his story. The broadcast premiere of GOD WILLING isApril 2, 2011 on NETA (please check your local listings).

You can listen to the FULL interview here: Inside The Brethren Cult

Excerpt from the interview – Producer/Director Evangeline Griego on why she made this film:

I wanted to create a record, if you will, on an experience that happened not only to my family but to many families…


I wanted to educate people about this group, about these issues. I wanted to have something for our family and for other families to be able to use and to understand, so the ex-member can understand the parents’ and the family’s perspective but also so that the parents could understand these young folks and their children.


I wanted to be able to humanize these young people. They are wonderful people…These are very intelligent, very good, decent human beings, who, I believe, their greatest fault was having conviction, a conviction that they believed so intensely that a radical choice, like severing ties with your family, was something that they were willing to do.


Director/Producer: Evangeline Griego
Genre: Documentary
Length: 1 Episode/60 Minutes
Broadcast Premiere: April 2, 2011 on NETA (Please check local listings)

GOD WILLING begins with a letter: Dear Family, I’ve gone off with the missionaries, the bearded ones remember? To serve the Lord. Don’t fill out a missing person’s report. The Lord comes first. Daniel. GOD WILLING is the story of Sandi and Marsha, two moms who join forces to find their daughters in the streets of Seattle. Seven years ago their daughters joined the Jim Roberts Group, a nomadic Christian cult also known as the Garbage Eaters, The Church and The Brethren. They have not seen them since. Their daughters, believing they are on the path to salvation, have abandoned all their worldly possessions including their family: If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

GOD WILLING is a co-production of About Time Productions and ITVS, in association LPB and KNME/New Mexico PBS with funding provided by CPB.

For more information, please visti the LPB website at: www.lpbp.org/GodWilling.php or the filmmaker’s website at:www.godwillingmovie.com.857 Views

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