Chilly & Milly Presented by Latino Public Broadcasting Premieres in PBS Short Film Festival Running from July 11-22

Chilly & Milly


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(Los Angeles, CA; July 11, 2022) Chilly & Milly, the powerful and gripping 3D animated short film by William D. Caballero about love and loss has premiered today on the PBS Short Film Festival running from July 11-22, presented by Latino Public Broadcasting. PRESS HERE to watch. Chilly & Milly, which made its world premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, has already qualified for an Academy Award in 2023, and takes place 11 years after Caballero filmed the documentary American Dreams Deferred. This feature length documentary, shot during his last year of graduate school at NYU in 2007-2008, explores the life of various members of his Puerto Rican-American family during his visits home during his last year of grad school. One prominent storyline includes his father Chilly‘s search for a kidney transplant. Chilly, William’s father, is a diabetic with kidney failure, whose illness detrimentally affects his and his family’s lives. Milly sees her sole purpose in life as a selfless caretaker to her loved ones. While watching the documentary, Chilly and Milly discuss their life together, their successes, and setbacks. When Chilly passes away during the pandemic, Milly comes to terms with her loss. With Chilly’s passing, Milly is tasked with finding a new purpose in life. PRESS HERE for more information on Chilly & Milly. The film is available to stream on YouTube, Facebook and all PBS and station-branded digital platforms, including and the PBS Video app, and is a co-production of Colibri Creative Media and Latino Public Broadcasting with major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Starting at midnight on Monday, July 11, audiences can watch and share all 25 films. In addition, a panel of nine jury members will select their favorite film of the festival for the Juried Prize.

“I consider this poignant film to be my most powerful short film yet. It honors my father and celebrates my mother, while also being a testament to every selfless mother/caretaker out there who have devoted their lives to taking care of others. Chilly & Milly follows the slow decline of my father’s health, and my mother’s role as his primary caretaker,” shares Caballero. “For my father, the last ten years of his life were mired by both declining health and complications getting adequate support from government-run healthcare. As his chronic pain became too excruciating to bear, he made a decision to stop going to dialysis treatment. He would pass away in my old bedroom during the pandemic lockdown in May 2020 with my mother/Milly and I by his side. The short film features many scenes where 3D modeled avatars of myself and my parents, inserted into a miniature hand-built replica of their trailer, sit on the couch ‘watching’ scenes directly from the documentary. This unique usage of B-roll is quite meta, exploring and expanding what a documentary can be when it is presented both honestly and artistically.”

Chilly & Milly is an incredibly moving film that shines a light on the harsh reality for many Latinos seeking government aid and support amidst a health crisis,” shares Sandie Viquez PedlowExecutive Director of Latino Public Broadcasting. “Latino Public Broadcasting is proud to support the work of William D. Caballero and bring this film to the public, honoring the sacrifices and dedication many make each and every day to help the ones we love.”

The PBS Short Film Festival elevates the reach and visibility of independent filmmakers from across the country. Since its inception in 2012, hundreds of films celebrating love, acceptance, family, strength, equality, friendship, loyalty and more have been presented under the festival’s banner. The 2022 festival features “Stories that Stick” to highlight the impact of powerful storytelling.

Chilly & Milly


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