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Chilly & Milly
Director/Producer: William D. Caballero
Genre: Animated Documentary Short Film
Program Length: 9 min
Premiere Date: February 13, 2023 on POV Shorts

11 years after filming a documentary about his family, WILLIAM returns home to revisit scenes from his documentary with his parents, CHILLY and MILLY. Chilly, William’s father, is a diabetic with kidney failure, whose illness detrimentally affects his and his family’s lives. Milly, William’s mother, is the matriarchal caretaker of the family. Milly sees her sole purpose in life as to taking care of her loved ones such as her husband, and her parents.

As William, Chilly, and Milly rewatch the documentary, the family reflects on their lives. Chilly and Milly discuss their life together, including their early lives in Coney Island, their move to North Carolina, and their successes and setbacks in life. Milly discusses her past surgeries, and her job as a caretaker to her family. Milly recalls a traumatic event where she couldn’t help Chilly, and the helplessness she felt. Chilly recounts his near death experience, where he finds a newfound will to live. Milly and William try to help Chilly through a diabetic emergency, and together they watch the gradual deterioration of Chilly’s health.

After Chilly passes during the pandemic, William and Milly must come to terms with their loss. With Chilly’s passing, Milly is tasked with finding a new purpose in life.

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