The Los Angeles Archives Bazaar Presents a Sneak-Peak of the Ruben Salazar Documentary Project

LA as Subject Archives Bazaar and the California Council for the Humanitiespresent a sneak-peak of the Ruben Salazar documentary project and a lively panel discussion featuring filmmaker Phillip Rodriguez, Professor Raul Ruiz and journalist Steve Weingarten. The free and open event will take place October 22nd, 3:00pm – 4:30pm at USC Doheny Memorial Library.

The Ruben Salazar documentary project, currently in production, is the first independent and thorough investigation of the life and death of Ruben Salazar. The documentary will provide insights and answers to one of the most bizarre, disturbing and controversial fatal shootings in the history of Los Angeles. As it sheds light on Salazar’s slaying by a Sheriff’s deputy in 1970, it extricates his story and legacy from the heavily mythologized versions that have evolved in the absence of tangible evidence.


Phillip Rodriguez, Raul Ruiz and Steve Weingarten will share their knowledge of the life and death of Ruben Salazar.

Filmmaker and USC Annenberg Fellow Phillip Rodriguez will speak about the struggle to unearth previously unseen evidence and testimony in order to make his film.

Raul Ruiz, Professor of Chicano Studies at California State University Northridge. Professor Ruiz will speak about his eyewitness account of Ruben Salazar’s death and his photographs that successfully challenged the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s accounts of the events.

Journalist Steve Weingarten will speak about surveillance and police/community relations during the time of Ruben Salazar. He will also speak about his work with Ruben Salazar’s widow in the early 80’s to demand that federal agencies disclose evidence and information pertaining to Ruben Salazar through the Freedom of Information Act.

Support for the documentary also comes from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the California Council for the HumanitiesLatino Public Broadcasting, the California Community Foundation and Southwest Airlines.

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