Latinos are Essential
The Seeds They Grow
Director/Producer: David Gonzalez
Filmmaker Gonzalez profiles his father and stepmother who have contracted COVID-19.
Director/Producer: Claudia Zamora Valencia
Astrid finds a job cleaning subway cars at the peak of the pandemic in New York City.
Growing in the Shadows
Director/Producer: Lidieth Arevalo
Anel Medina is a nurse and one of 200,000 DACA recipients classified as essential workers.
Night Shift
Director/Producer: Raúl O. Paz-Pastrana
Dulce Bueno is an EMT who works long nights during the difficult days of the pandemic.
All Around Us
Director/Producer: Andrés Caballero
Journalist Maria Hinojosa discusses her work reporting on the pandemic’s effect on Latino communities and her own bout with the virus.
Chelsea: An Essential City
Director: Sabrina Avilés
Meet a councilwoman and a sanitation worker who are keeping the city of Chelsea running.
El Paso Esta Presente
Director/Producer: Ramón Villa-Hernández
Monica Navarro takes pride in her work at Walmart, the site of the El Paso mass shooting.
Networked Education
Director/Producer: Juan Carlos Davila
Two married teachers struggle to teach virtually among the hardships of Puerto Rico.
A Pescador in the Town
Director/Producer, Producer/Editor: Yvan Iturriaga, María José Calderón
Meet Pancho Pescador, an artist who spends his pandemic-era days bringing art to Oakland.
Testing Community
Director/Producer: Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
San Francisco’s Latino Task Force creates large-scale COVID testing for essential workers.
Todos Unidos y Yo
Director/Producer: Esaú Melendez
After his business declined, Alfonzo began a program that brings food to people in need.
Still Standing
Director/Producer: Rhonda Mitrani
Melanie navigates teaching her students online and caring for her three-year-old daughter.
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