2014 Awarded Projects


Adios Amor: The Search For Maria Moreno
Laurie Coyle

Adios Amor: The search for Maria Moreno
Director/Producer: Laurie Coyle
Category: Post-Production, 1 episode, 60 Minutes

In Adios Amor, the discovery of forgotten photographs prompts a search for an unsung heroine Maria Moreno, a migrant worker of twelve who became a spokesperson for a multi-ethnic farm worker movement in the pre-Cesar Chavez era, but was silenced and nearly forgotten.
Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas A Nadie)
Mikaela Shwer

No Le Digas a Nadie (Don’t Tell Anyone)
Director/Producer: Mikaela Shwer
Category: Post-Production, 1 episode/60 Minutes

In a community where silence is seen as necessary for survival, undocumented immigrant activist Angy Rivera joins a generation of dreamers in a quest to come out of the shadows and claim her place in the only home she’s ever known.
Jessica Gonzalez V. The United States of America
Katia Maguire
April Hayes

Jessica Gonzales v. The United States of America
Co-director/Co-producer: Katia Maguire
Co-director/Co-producer: April Hayes
Category: Post-Production, 1 episode/60 Minutes

After surviving the murders of her three younger daughters, Jessica Gonzales becomes a crusader for the human rights of the millions of American women who suffer from domestic violence each year and depend on restraining orders to protect them.
Siquieros: Walls Of Passion
Lorena Manriquez

 Siqueiros: Walls of Passion
Director/Producer: Lorena Manriquez
Category: Post-Production, 1 episode/60 Minutes

Siqueiros: Walls of Passion is a one hour documentary film about Mexican visual artist David Alfaro Siqueiros and the resurrection of his Los Angeles mural America Tropical, located at the birthplace of Los Angeles and later championed by the Chicano movement as a symbol of its oppressed culture.
The Unfraid
Anayansi Prado
Heather Courtney

The Unafraid
Co-director/producer: Anayansi Prado
Co-director/producer: Heather Courtney
Category: Production, 1 episode/90 Minutes

The Unafraid follows the personal lives of several immigrant youth in Georgia, a state that has banned undocumented students from attending the top five state universities.

Turning Texas Blue
Paul Stekler

Turning Texas Blue
Director/Producer: Paul Stekler
Category: Development, 1 episode/60 Minutes

Texas will soon be a Latino majority state, but political power has lagged because of the low political participation of the state’s Mexican-American electorate. The 2014 Texas statewide campaign focused on mobilizing the Latino vote through grassroots efforts particularly in the counties of south Texas, along the border with Mexico. Turning Texas Blue will focus on the results of the 2014 Texas statewide elections and what it portends for the state in 2016.

Digital Media

Karla Legaspy

Director/Producer: Karla Legaspy
Category: New Media, 1 episode, 11 minutes

A young girl aspires to be a rock star and gets help from her new neighbor, but when she dedicates a love song to her female teacher at school, she’s made to feel shame and confusion.

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