Latino VOCES

Director, Animator, Producer, Writer, Art Director: Marc “GIVE.ME.MÁS” Sánchez
A journey across the desert leaves two individuals with hopes and dreams but with a tough decision to make.
Beyond la Bamba
Producer/Director/Director of Photography: Marco Villalobos
Through the compelling story of a young musician who leaves home to follow his dreams, Mexico’s 300-year-old son jarocho tradition comes vividly to life in Beyond La Bamba. From the rural roots of Veracruz to the urban rhythms of the Midwest, a family of iconic musicians forges a new life but remains true to their music.
American Masters and VOCES: Lights, Camera, Acción
Director/Producer: Ben DeJesus
Lights, Camera, Acciòn features the candid perspectives of Latinx actors, writers, producers, directors, and showrunners across generations as they dissect the ever-evolving issue of Latinx representation in Hollywood. Included are actors Edward James Olmos, John Leguizamo, Xolo Maridueña (Cobra Kai), and Julissa Calderon (Gentefied); showrunners Peter Murrieta (Mr. Iglesias) and Marvin Lemus (Gentefied), and more.
You’re Dead to Me
Director: Wu Tsang
You’re Dead to Me is a devastating portrayal of a grieving Chicana mother trying to come to terms with the death of her transgender child on Día de los Muertos. The arrival of an unexpected guest unveils a complex mesh of love and loss, reconciliation and regret, rejection and acceptance. The short film painfully shows the lasting hardships LGBTQ people still have to face today.
Hearing Maria’s Voice for the First Time
Director/Producer: : Laurie Coyle
We hear Maria Moreno’s voice for the first time when her former co-worker, Henry Anderson, finds an old audiotape in which Maria testifies about the poverty and discrimination her family faced while harvesting food for a wealthy nation. She is joined by other farmworkers, whose voices evoke a lost past whose traces emerge in the abandoned shacks and overgrown fields of California’s Central Valley.
El Doctor
Director: Heather de Michele
In an Arizona Home Depot parking lot, a married couple – ‘Andrew’ and ‘Jen’ – hires undocumented day laborer Carlos and his buddy to repair their deck. As Carlos washes up in the family’s bathroom, 7-yr-old ‘Jonah’ interrupts him. A tragedy of errors puts Carlos’s and Andrew’s lives at risk, leaving everyone caught between their individual consciences and the law.
Cuban American Gothic
Producer/Director: Maria Teresa Rodriguez
Experience the comical and slightly surreal story of Maggie (Maggie Diaz Bofill), who is living alone in New York City during the early 2020 pandemic. When her Cuban parents return from the dead to help, they remind her of their immigrant journey and that they have given her everything she needs to rise above the moment.
Director: Marvin Lemus
When Hope learns that Mac, her recently deceased butch girlfriend, is going to be buried in a dress, she desperately tries to persuade Rosa, Mac’s mother, to bury her in a suit instead. However, when she realizes that she’s fighting old traditional and conservative views, Hope decides to take the matter into her own hands with the help of her friends. The question is, will she have the courage to follow through and honor her dead lover’s identity.
The Daily War
Director: Karla Legaspy
A struggling veteran who is a single mother hopes to fulfill the simple promise of taking her son to the beach. But she soon realizes they are low on cash and gas. She is forced to find a creative way of getting monies. As luck would have it, a job opportunity presents itself, but she quickly finds herself triggered in the loud environment.
Through the Wall
Director: Tim Nackashi
Each Sunday, a separated family engage in a bittersweet ritual at the U.S.-Mexico border. Here, they can be physically near, but they remain far from whole.
Ode to Pablo
Writer/Director: Adelina Anthony
Challenged to a basketball game by local boys, Pablo, a queer, deaf Latino, agrees to play. He does not reveal much about himself, but let’s his basketball skill speak for itself. He’s enjoying the game when an unexpected incident makes it clear to the other teens that Pablo is deaf. Despite assumptions about each and however brief, Pablo makes a connection with one of the boys.
Clara Como el Agua
Producer: Fernanda Rossi
Clara como el Agua (Clara Like Water) is a fable about Clara, a light-skinned black girl with kinky, blond hair and gray eyes. She is incessantly teased by her dark-skinned peers; until she ventures into the magical waters of the bioluminescent bay to change her skin color and possibly herself.
Director: Ryan Velasquez
When Gabe, an overweight high-schooler, musters the courage to talk to the girl of his dreams, a promising friendship forms that’s almost too good to be true.
Caracol Cruzando
Producer/Director/Writer: Pamela Chavez
Caracol Cruzando is a story about Anais, an eight year old Costa Rican girl who faces the hardest decision she’s ever had to make: should she go against her parent’s wishes and sneak her best friend and pet turtle, Tiku, with her across the United States/Miami border, or should she leave him behind?
The Fires of Soledad
Director: Daniel Eduvijes Carrera
Start the new year with a haunting supernatural tale about family and resilience: The Fires of Soledad
Chilly & Milly | Behind the Scenes
Director - Producer - Writer - Storyboard Artist - Editor: William D. Caballero
“Chilly & Milly: The story, characters, process and team behind the award-winning short.
Día de los Muertos | OZOMATLI
Producer: Todd Jarrell
OZOMATLI Takes The Stage On The Music Special Día De Los Muertos
Día de Los Muertos | Doña Lorenza
Producer: Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
Doña Lorenza of La Cocina Yatzeche in Seaside, CA, explains the preparations for her famous celebrations of Día de Los Muertos.
Día de Los Muertos | Flor de Toloache
Producer: Todd Jarrell
GRAMMY winning, all-female mariachi band, Flor de Toloache, brings a taste of tradition to The Caverns for the ¡Día de los Muertos! PBS Special with the classic‑sounding song, “Regresa Ya.”
Día De Los Muertos | Los Lobos
Producer: Todd Jarrell
Four-time GRAMMY winning, Latino rockers Los Lobos bring their East Los Angeles sonic landscape underground to perform “Maricela.”
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